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28th August 2012

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crystallizedtwilight said: QUICK. What would you do if Loki showed up at your door?

It is sad that I read this question and began to laugh? What wouldn’t I do? So many things running through my mind right now of what I would do. Obviously, I would kneel. (Totally a member of Loki’s army!) I would also try to restrain myself from trying to kiss him, because man is he hot! Besides kneeling, I suppose that I would serve him some pudding and try and garner his favor. I know, a bit boring, but I’d probably be so nervous and have to force my mouth to keep shut, so as not to let out my true, lustful thoughts towards him. I don’t want my favorite god of mischief to turn me into a frog or something for coming on to him right away.

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3rd August 2012

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So much feels!

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14th July 2012

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This Is An Experiment-Reblog If You Love Tom Hiddleston’s Loki!

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1st July 2012

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Loki GIF Meme 2

I decided to do this. 

The 45th gif if your reaction when you first see Loki:

He is too much for me!

Your 8th gif is Loki’s reaction to you:

I don’t think he likes me very much. That or he sees me as someone easy to trick and manipulate for his own purposes. Nice.

The 49th gif is your reaction to being kidnapped by Loki:

I don’t seem to mind it very much, so long as he lets me practice my air bending.

The Avenger’s reaction to you being kidnapped is the 2nd gif:

They don’t really care. Thanks guys.

58th to last gif is how you feel about being in Loki’s hostage cell:

I seem to really like it for some reason!

Loki comes up to you with his evil smirk and you react with your 54th gif:

Well done, Sir!

The feelings you and Loki share for each other is your 66th gif:

We really like each other and we like to dance, magic dance!

What you want to do to Loki is the 48th gif:

Party with him! ^-^

The conversation you share is the 9th gif:

Apparently we talk about doing what we want.

Your 22nd gif is the reaction when Loki asks you to join his army:

Yes. Of course, I will join your army, my King, and I will like it!

Loki is developing feelings for you. Your reaction is your 27th gif:

I’m not worthy of you, Loki. Besides we all know you belong with Thor, anyway!

The last gif is your reaction when The Avengers break you out of the cell:

I don’t seem very happy about it. That or I am going crazy and in denial about it.

Loki’s reaction when he has lost you is your 60th gif:

I was valuable enough to him that he seems pissed about my loss.

Your 1st gif is how you feel about finally being free:

I have no idea what to do with myself, so I’ll just wait until I get an idea of what to do.

How you react when the time to fight Loki and his army begins is your 18th to last gif:

So ready to fight! 

Loki asks for you to help him and your reaction is your 38th gif:

I’ll take that as a “yes, I will help you!” I’m so excited to help you, my King.

Loki is captured and taken away back to Asgard and your reaction is a random chosen gif:

Good bye, Sire. I shall immediately start tampering into some crazy ways to try and get you to come back somehow.

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29th June 2012

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Loki GIF Meme

I decided to do this.
Third last gif is your reaction to first meeting Loki:

Hello. You amuse me.

50th gif is what you do when he asks you to/makes you join his army:

(Wow…) Yes, of course, my King! I’m so ecstatic about it!

33rd gif is how you feel after defeating your first Avenger:

YAY! I did it!

Apparently Hawkeye has “joined” your side. The 26th gif is your reaction:

I guess that’s pretty cool with me.

47th gif is how you feel when Loki lets you try on his helmet:

No, thank you, Sire! It looks more awesome on you!

Loki says he’s developing feelings for you. 11th gif is your reaction:

No! We all know that you belong with Thor!

New York is being invaded by aliens! 35th gif is how you feel:

Hey, aliens! Leave some of the city for me to destroy!

You run in to Stark Tower to find Loki pulverised on the floor. Your 7th gif is how you respond:

I shall stare at you, Sire, and make my own conclusions.

Loki is being taken back to Asgard in chains and a muzzle - your last gif is how that makes you feel

AHHHH! How do I know that they won’t muzzle and take me away, too?!

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26th June 2012

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This Is An Experiment-Reblog If you Have Seen “The Avengers” More Than Once!

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15th June 2012


Thor Comic Reading Order Recommendations?

Hi. So after watching “Thor,” I decided that I would begin to read the “Thor” comic series. Thus far I have read up to #108 of the “Journey Into Mystery.” After there, I am kind of unsure where to go, because I understand that there are “Thor Annuals.” So I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on the reading order for the “Thor” series. Feel free to include in the “Loki” comics and “The Avengers” comics in your list. If you want to reply, you can either message me here or my deviantart, http://zombiepirates.deviantart.com/. Thanks! ^-^

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14th June 2012

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In which Loki tries to impress Thor through his cooking skills. Just a cute little Thorki video found on YouTube

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